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Display, control, design


As a system supplier of operating and function elements we ensure that ...

flexibel und zuverlässig by Hurst Schröder

Progressive, versatile, sustainable


We develop products through to the production stage - from the initial idea to the functioning module...

Unternehmen by Hurst+Schröder

Authentic, flexible, reliable


Turn, control, display, illuminate - when it’s about operating and functional elements...


Get the products from us that give your appliances the decisive final touch. Both standard versions and custom product variants are available.


Areas of use

Our products are used in various branches of industry. That is shown by our versatility and our industry spanning expertise. Discover the wide range of possible applications here.



Processes & services

We turn your idea into products ready for series production. We develop and design, configure and manufacture and always keep an eye on cost effectiveness. Read more about our and your possibilities here.


Antimikrobiell by HURST+SCHRÖDER GMBH

Worth knowing

Antimicrobial by HURST+SCHRÖDER

Antimicrobial agents are chemical substances, which reduce, devitalize or inactivate the augmentation or infectivity of microorganism. For our products we offer high-quality antimicrobial materials (primary) and additional coatings (secondary).


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Schaltergriff immer zentriert

Worth knowing

Retractable Knob‘s – always centered 

The next Generation – A retractable knob which is self-centering via spring elements gives the control element a rich appearance, not only visually but also haptically.  


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Farben und Materialien by Hurst Schröder

Worth knowing

Multi-component injection moulding

Would you like to harmonise colours or materials for a product? We make this possible in a single tool through multi-component injection moulding and in doing so improve the design and function of plastic parts.


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Gute Qualität by Hurst Schröder

Worth knowing

Innovative touch surfaces

Contemporary, beautiful and classy - our control panels made of PMMA or PC meet high demands and open up a wide range of applications.


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KIMW by Hurst Schröder

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We are a member of the support organisation of the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid e. V. [Plastics Institute Lüdenscheidt reg. assoc.].This allows today’s manufacturing to be linked with tomorrow’s know how.


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Worth knowing

HURST+SCHRÖDER supports engagement

We support an initiative of young people for intercultural understanding.



We meet expectations and requirements

Quality management

Our standard is the maximum value of all products. Regular checks and qualified employees are just two of the numerous measures that we take to ensure top quality.


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Together with DOMOELEKTRO, KSM Kunststofftechnik Meschede, HS ELECTRONIC and HSTR ELEKTRIK, we make up a service group that offers a comprehensive package of technological services. As a successful system supplier and market leader in the “retractable control knob” segment, we supply well known customers in the electrical appliance industry. Around 490 employees in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey manufacture knobs, residual heat indicators, indicator lamps, display elements, electronic products and complex systems. These are used all over the world. For example, our warehouse logistics in the USA ensures on time deliveries on the American continent.


We put your wishes precisely into practice - from the development and manufacture through to delivery on the exact day. The bundling of our range of services gives you the advantage of being able to implement the most demanding projects with just one partner. The results are optimum technical solutions!

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