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From ovens to mixers:
variety is our strength

The household appliance industry offers a huge range of products. Our assortment of components that increase the user-friendliness of these appliances is just as big.


Visibility of the mode of operation, fast program selection or unambiguous function displays are just a few of the advantages that household appliances boast thanks to our components. Whether large or small appliances, electronic or gas-powered - through our enormous product variety, we at HURST+SCHRÖDER cover the most diverse fields of application.


Our knobs, plastic control panels, signal units, display elements and lights provide household appliances with unique selling points. Our range also includes mechanical solutions, e.g. for the operation of sink plugs. If desired, we can adapt any of our products specifically to the requirements of your area of use.


  • Large electrical household appliances

    Control with a twist


    Whether cooker, glass ceramic hob or oven, microwave, deep freezer or coffee machine - our products are used in virtually every large electrical household appliance. You can make your appliances controllable with a flick of the wrist with our knobs - rigid or retractable, with or without illumination, just as you like.

    Display elements indicate the mode of operation signal units increase safety and plastic panels enhance looks. And if you happen to have a special requirement, we’ll develop a suitable solution for you, too!

    Einsatzbereich Haushaltsgeräte Elektro groß bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
  • Small electrical household appliances

    Simple and fast operation


    Hand mixers, kettles, toasters and other small electrical household appliances require simple and fast operation. You can increase the user-friendliness of your appliances with knobs, operating and display elements from our company.

    Depending on the area of use, we adapt the ready-to-install system modules with electronic control to customer specifications.

    Einsatzbereich Haushaltsgeräte Elektro klein bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
  • Gas household appliances

    Keep control


    70% of the world’s population cook with gas. Safety is particularly important here. We increase it with illuminated control knobs. The LED lighting indicates whether gas is flowing, even if the flame is not visible. Cooks all over the world keep their gas cookers under control in this way. A further bonus: the illumination sets optical accents in the kitchen.

    Haushaltsgerät Gas bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
  • Kitchen sinks

    Greater comfort when doing the dishes


    At last - no more annoying knobs on the sink! Our proven retraction mechanism from the retractable knob segment is put to use for the convenient indirect actuation of plugs in plugholes. As a result the control knob on the sink disappears, leaving a level surface. That means: More space to set things aside and simple cleaning.

    Einsatzbereich Haushaltsgeräte Küchenspülen bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
KSM Kunststofftechnik


Together with DOMOELEKTRO, KSM Kunststofftechnik Meschede, HS ELECTRONIC and HSTR ELEKTRIK, we make up a service group that offers a comprehensive package of technological services. As a successful system supplier and market leader in the “retractable control knob” segment, we supply well known customers in the electrical appliance industry. Around 490 employees in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey manufacture knobs, residual heat indicators, indicator lamps, display elements, electronic products and complex systems. These are used all over the world. For example, our warehouse logistics in the USA ensures on time deliveries on the American continent.


We put your wishes precisely into practice - from the development and manufacture through to delivery on the exact day. The bundling of our range of services gives you the advantage of being able to implement the most demanding projects with just one partner. The results are optimum technical solutions!

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